Classroom Simple

Sunday, August 9, 2009

An Organized Wanna-Be

(left) Miniature clipboard that will be utilized during strategy groups/guided reading when students need to take a note. I made five of these - three blue and two brown - still working on the brown ones.
(Center) This is a giant clothespin that I modge-podged die cuts on and placed a magnet on the back. This will hang next to my desk with the "important" papers that I tend to misplace.
(Bottom) My pencil holders that will be set around the room. I had forgotten the paint can idea until another teacher had posted her pics of her paint cans. These are the small paint cans and I just spray painted them and added a ribbon using a craft glue (for glass, metal, etc.). I did put some pebbles in the bottoms because otherwise they are a bit tall for the pencils. These will be for sharpened pencils and then I have a different bucket for pencils that need to be sharpened next to the electric sharpener.
However, my 6 yo and 2 yo thought that the cans worked well for holding the wildflowers they picked for me tonight! I didn't have the heart to take them out.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pensieve and CAFE

In getting ready for Daily 5 and Literacy CAFE (The Sisters), I decided to keep with my classroom colors and create the CAFE board headings and Pensieve. Again, using my scrapbooking paper supply (why does it not seem to be dwindling?) and the cricut, I created these pieces. I am planning on using a soft blue background for the CAFE board and a brown border for the edge. The Sisters say to keep it simple and to use the same color background and plain border throughout the classroom. Glad I like these colors.

Monday, July 13, 2009

More clipboards

I had a couple trial and error moments with this project. One included letting the glue underneath the paper dry before applying the top coat and die cuts on top. I used emery boards to "file" off the extra paper on the edges. Plus, it gives it a worn looking edge, that I prefer. I am thinking that if I can find clipboards at a cheap rate, that this could make a fun gift idea for parents for a holiday (Christmas/Mother's Day/etc.).

Friday, July 10, 2009

Blogging the Journey

I enjoy decorating my classroom. It may seem a bit strange, but I do lay awake at night wondering how to beautify the classroom on a simple budget and still make the fire marshal happy! So, I figure blogging my ideas so that when I get to September and wonder, "Where did all my time go this summer?" I can simply look back at my entries and smack myself for giving that time off back to the school. *sigh*

So, today I worked on making name tags for my book boxes and decopauging my clipboards. I'm having fun with my Cricut and SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot) software and using up the remains of my Creative Memories retired paper stash.