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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sit Like A Scholar

I am constantly amazed at what teachers come up with for management techniques and REALLY appreciate those who share their ideas.  While I feel I do a decent job in classroom management, there are challenges that arise unforeseen.  I try to stay a step ahead of the game and have different techniques to capture attention and help with transitions.  Here are my top three favorites:

1) Ms. Noonan's "Sit Like A Scholar" and "Word of the Day". (This little scholar technique impressed my parent volunteers today on our field trip and the presenter!)

2) Chris Biffle's Whole Brain Learning - The "Class, Class" is a favorite of my 2nd graders and effective.

3) Teacher Tipster - Great little "Silly-Brations" that are quick and easy to do.  I posted the list next to our smartboard to utilize.  (Side note:  I really wish Teacher Tipster would share exactly which energy drink he consumes, because I want what he's having. LOL)

So watch some quick clips and go get 'em!  Lord knows as we get closer to the end of the school year, we could all use some new tools in our toolbox to maintain our sanity!

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