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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Home Again

So, it seems my son has relapsed again with this fever and I find myself on "spring break" again! While this has nothing to do with my classroom, I am sharing a little project I made with my two children. I am not a baker. That is my first disclaimer. Growing up with a mother who could make and create everything (seriously do not remember a craft she wasn't successful at), and watching my two older sisters and brother be able to craft and create like her, can leave some inferior feelings. Baking is one of those inferior subjects for me.

I am trying hard not to pass that on to my children, so we made cupcake cones. Yeah, yeah, you've probably made them, but I did something my mother did not do in her forty plus years of cake baking and decorating career. I made......FONDANT! Marshmallow fondant to be exact. And I was somewhat successful. Click here for the recipe I used and I did use the dough hook on my Kitchen Aid mixer - way slick.

Because my assistant was a little short on patience and just wanted to get the sprinkles on (who can blame her?), we did some quick cones, took a quick pic, and they ate them up. Or rather, one ate the fondant, the other the cupcake. LOL

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